City of Helena, Montana
October 21, 2015
To: Ron Alles, City Manager
From: Amy Teegarden, Director of Parks and Recreation
Subject: Consider a resolution of intention to establish fees to be charged for the Bill Roberts Municipal Golf Course- 2016 season.
Present Situation:

Annually city staff and the Golf Advisory Board (GAB) review the season's expenses, revenues, and trends in comparison to budget projections and the local market. To date the golf course has a net FY15 profit of $25,166 which includes paying cash for several capital items.  By inserting FY15 actual revenue figures into the FY16 adopted budget worksheet there is an estimated $44,000 balance of revenue over expenditures.

Trends show that the course continues to save money and make money. The estimated revenue per round in FY15 was $31.09 which includes golf fees, merchandise, concessions and lessons (an increase of $.23 from FY14) . 



Based on a review of 2015 revenue reports, course/trend observations, a comparison to the local market and a staff report, the GAB does not recommend an overall fee increase for the 2016 season.  Instead they recommend a marginal increase to two service categories (golf simulator and club storage). The golf simulator is in high demand, and the installation of new club lockers will provide improved security and value for customers.  

Staff will continue to focus efforts in increasing revenue in the categories of concessions, merchandise and lessons.


Advantage: Current fees will help maintain a competitive edge in the local golf market.
Notable Energy Impact: N/A
Disadvantage: None noted.
Notice of Public Hearing: N/A
Recommended Motion: Move approval of the Resolution of Intention to establish fees to be charged for the Bill Roberts Municipal Golf Course and set a public hearing date for November 23rd, 2015.
Resolution of Intention
Staff report