City of Helena, Montana
October 23, 2015
To: Ron Alles, City Manager

Randall Camp, Public Works Director

Pete Anderson, Solid Waste Superintendent

Subject: Reimbursement Agreement for Curbside Recycling Collection.
Present Situation: Helena Recycling currently offers every other week curbside recycling services by private subscription.  The proposed reimbursement agreement would allow the City of Helena to bill qualified residential subscribers for the services that Helena Recycling provides.  The City of Helena would also reimburse Helena Recycling for the actual costs for purchasing up to three (3) recycling containers per customer.  The agreement allows modifications, alterations, or changes by mutual written consent (which could include offering additional services).  The Solid Waste Efficiency Study recommended a public-private subscription based curbside recycling collection arrangement.  The proposed agreement is effective upon execution by both parties and shall be in full force through January 2, 2018, and automatically extended from year-to-year until 2022.  It is anticipated that the parties will be ready to fully execute the agreement by January 2, 2016.
Proposal/Objective: To create a reimbursement agreement that will allow for every other week curbside recycling collection service offered by Helena Recycling.
Advantage: Qualified residential properties will be offered a every other week curbside recycling collection service that accepts recyclable commodities.
Notable Energy Impact: May increase participation and commodity diversion rates.
Disadvantage: The total cost of the reimbursement to Helena Recycling to provide curbside recycling is unknown since it is based on the number of participants.
Notice of Public Hearing: N/A
Recommended Motion: Move to approve, table or deny a Reimbursement Agreement for curbside recycling collection between the City of Helena and Helena Recycling, LLC.
Reimbursement Agreement for Curside Recycling Collection
Certificate of Liability Insurance
Certificate of Workers Compensation