City of Helena, Montana
October 23, 2015
To: Ron Alles, City Manager

Ryan Leland, City Engineer

Randall Camp, Public Works Director
Subject: Professional Services Agreement for the Quiet Zone Phase II, Design and Project Management
Present Situation: This project is a continuation of the Quiet Zone Phase I.  During this phase the Consultant will include facilitation of the remainder of the quiet zone process, provide design and bidding services, and provide construction engineering/management.  The crossings that were evaluated were Carter Drive, Roberts Street, Montana Avenue, National Avenue, Benton Avenue and Joslyn Street.
Proposal/Objective: KLJ Inc. is the City's original consultant for the quiet zone.  They prepared the Quiet Zone Study and PER for the quiet zone.  Staff is proposing a contract with KLJ for design and project management for all intersections.  The contract is for $74,800. 
Advantage: This contract will complete the design of the quiet zone for all the intersections and will further refine the cost of a quiet zone.
Notable Energy Impact: N/A
Disadvantage: None noted
Notice of Public Hearing: N/A
Recommended Motion: Move to approve, table or deny a Professional Services Agreement for the Quiet Zone  Phase II, Design and Project Management to KLJ Inc. in the amount of $74,800.